[ 04.03.10 ]

Eggster. What a beautiful day.

I upgraded to a pro account on Flickr. Check it.


[ 04.02.10 ]

Dropping Kellen off at 4am + Will’s driving = Batman.


[ 04.01.10 ]

Sorry Jess, I borrowed your boots for a second.


[ 03.31.10 ]


[ 03.30.10 ]

Our toilet/bathroom isn’t really this dirty, I swear. I had to bump up the blacks and the contrast to get the swirling and swooshing of the water, which also made the brown stains of the bowl way more intense than they really are.

I contemplated just taking a piss to give the water a bit more…color, so I wouldn’t have to bump the blacks so much, but I thought I would spare you all from seeing my urine being flushed down a toilet.

Note: I also almost submitted this for my photo using ‘Creative Blur’ for the photo decal, but decided against it. Didn’t think having this picture of our dirty toilet being projected across a classroom wall and discussed by the class was such a great idea.


[ 03.29.10 ]

This was actually taken this morning, March 30th, but I pulled an all nighter for my midterm. So (based on my rules), because I didn’t sleep yet, this is still March 29th. After taking this picture, I ended up sleeping 8 hours—10am till 6pm.

Now, to start studying for my midterm Thursday. Oh joy.


[ 03.28.10 ]


[ 03.27.10 ]

The pictures for the next few days are gonna suck.


[ 03.26.10 ]

Love you Grandma.


[ 03.25.10 ]

The Family.